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Username Post: Brown Bear Classic
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11-19-18 12:05 AM - Post#266427    

What felt like a choppy weekend after two gutty but shaky wins against sub-300 teams, there was nothing questionable about the Army game. This was the first time this season - other than in a stretch at LIU - where they looked like they could be a very tough game in the Ivy. They played very well.

Great contributions from the bench all weekend. Mawanda Kalema cracked the lineup and showed he can make things happen. Mitchell is an active defensive presence and has been capable shooting the ball. Sullivan had a good first two games. I thought Howard has been great all season and this weekend was no exception. Hunsaker has looked ok coming off the bench.

Cambridge got a lot of shots this weekend and was good. Him taking over the SHU game late was the first time anyone has done that in a while. Huge to know he can be the go-to down the stretch. Great to see Anderson hit some threes. He played pretty well. Someone has to teach Choh how to shoot FTs. But in everything else he’s been incredibly good.

Positive sign to see this team take three in a row back to back and with no one theme defining all three wins. Very good finish to a good weekend. And let’s not forget Brown hosting their own tourney!
LET'S go BRU-no (duh. nuh. nuh-nuh-nuh)

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11-19-18 05:23 AM - Post#266432    

Thanks for a good recap!
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11-19-18 06:38 AM - Post#266433    

Good movement on offense lead to a lot of good opportunities and shots really startled to fall against Army. Good outside shooting from many contributors opened upon nice inside opportunities. Foul shooting much improved vs. Army. Lead me to recall how early season wins in close games last year were due to improved team FT shooting. Hopefully they can maintain performance. Choh and Cambridge really challenge shots inside. Without them on the floor Bears lack that ability. The roster depth is deeper than those of the Earl Hunt teams. Lots of scorers. And a very active defense. Will be fun to watch it develope.
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11-19-18 09:04 AM - Post#266435    

Well, I predicted you guys in the playoff this year.

How many people did Brown get in its place for this tournament?
PhD Student
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11-20-18 11:48 PM - Post#266698    

Roughly as many people replying to this thread. Give or take.
LET'S go BRU-no (duh. nuh. nuh-nuh-nuh)

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