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Username Post: Penn Women 3-0
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11-18-19 12:01 AM - Post#291323    

Another dominant defensive 1Q (10 points game 3,. 5 points game 2 , 7 points game 1) allows the Quakers to take control from the opening minutes, grab and maintain a comfortable lead, allowing starters to have to play less than 30 min per game, and win going away. Penn was the clear favorite in all three games and showed it by playing well above the level of the competition.

A few observations after three games:

• The offensive pace is quicker, with very good passing and spacing on the offensive end leading to 72 assists on 98 made baskets

• The defensive pressure, especially on a made baskets, had led to 30 steals and forcing 58 TO - Penn is averaging 22 points off of TO

Junior Eleah Parker has player like someone deserving to be up for the Lisa Leslie Award: - shooting at a 66% clip - 18 ppg - 7 rebounds per game) . If you have a moment, please vote for Eleah :

Freshman Kayla Padilla has made an immediate impact at the two. While the 17.7 ppg does jump off the stat sheet - what should impress more is the great court vision and body control driving to the basket

Senior Kendal Grasela has 19 assists over the past two games … attacking on offense and creating easy baskets.

Primary rotation is nine deap - all averaging 10+ min per game

Clearly still in early days, defensive rotation can be crisper, especially to the open perimeter shooter … free throws looked great after game 1 … not as much in games 2 & 3

At St. Joes on Wed will be a better measuring stick …16 point loss to Seaton Hall (who just lot to Princeton by 1) - 14 point win over Columbia

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11-20-19 03:04 PM - Post#291748    

Thanks to JDP for providing the update while RL has me running around. I’ll add the following:

--Padilla also is a pretty good defender and in good condition (they’ve been pressing a lot, and she doesn’t seem to tire much as the game goes along) and a surprisingly good rebounder (has nine already, including one last game where she completely beat out two or three other players in the post whom she was giving three-four inches to.) She is going to be a delight to watch the next four years, particularly since she’s going to tick off a lot of opponents along the way with her Paul Chambersesque style of play.
--She and Grasela have a combined A/TO of 31-5. While the ratio obviously won’t stay that gaudy, this is the kind of ball movement I’ve been wanting for a long time.
--Parker is indeed ruling the paint and seems to be pain-free from last year’s knee injury. I just wish she would pick it up from the line (2-9 so far).
--Kennedy Suttle has started from game 1, and while her scoring isn’t incredible yet (7/gm), she is crushing it on the boards (7.3/gm, tied with Parker for team lead)
--Between them, Padilla, Sterba, and Lakstigala are shooting around .450 from beyond the arc, which is another big factor in the increased offensive output.
--Emily Anderson is putting in a solid 10 min/gm and has developed a couple of nice moves in the post, which, as noted in my previous post, allows Crawford to spell other people besides Parker.
--While it is true that the defense isn’t quite as good as it was last year so far, they’re still only averaging 45/gm; frankly, if they can continue to score on average even between 65-70 a game, the loss in defense will be more than worth it, and if they get over 70 consistently, there will be much kicking of heinie.

Unfortunately, Silke Milliman has not gotten in except in garbage time, and has not looked great; she’s 0-6 from three and has not been able to penetrate much. The rest of the team beyond the three aforementioned shooters is 4-31 overall from three, and two of those are from Parker, of all people, so we need the regular players to stay hot (although Michae Jones has only one attempt so far, so she should pick it up as we go along.) In particular, Katie Kinum is 0-6 and looks lost out there.

I am going to temper my enthusiasm a bit by saying that a.) we haven’t played anybody yet; our best opponent so far is Siena, who is ranked 291 at NatStat’s WBB site, and b.) Princeton has been beating considerably better opposition (including Florida Gulf Coast, who NatStat has in the top 60) despite an ever-growing list of injuries (much kudos to RBG for his hard work on that front.) That’s likely to end against Iowa tonight, particularly if Alarie and Littlefield can’t play, but it’s still not a good sign. We will start finding out what our heroines are really made of with tonight’s game against St. Joe’s (#158 at NatStat) and the Thanksgiving-weekend trip to Duke (#47). Nevertheless, going down the list of keys mentioned in my preview post, they’re definitely ahead of where I thought they would be at this point; let’s see if they can sustain it.
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11-20-19 04:18 PM - Post#291765    

Padilla is going to be so much fun to watch over the next few years. She is the type of guard I feel like we haven't seen much of over the last couple of years
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11-20-19 05:22 PM - Post#291779    

Padilla is a terrific athlete and interestingly is both skilled as a score/passer and is really a good defender in the match up zone they play. She’s very quick.

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