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  • Old Bison Said:
Bison 63 - you’re not on a high horse and I for one appreciate and support your sentiments. I have read this board for over a decade and never posted and have been contemplating recently about reverting to my prior MO (cheers from the gallery). I have posted such sentiments as well and have, in my mind, done a pretty good job of keeping negative commentary on both personnel and strategy as holistic as possible. Additionally, in cases where I have questioned performance, strategy or thought process I have limited it to addressing specific instances and to include supporting viewpoints to try to offer perspective and/or context. Hell, I have trouble even writing the kids names (as I have previously explained) and people are bitching even though it’s clear who We are talking about. Should we post a jpeg with their pictures? Secondly, you’re either a fan and you support the program or your not and you don’t. This issue of the team sucks when they lose and are great when they wil is laughable. The season is 30+ games and it wasn’t won or lost against BU in game 2. We’ve been on a long run of 20+ winning seasons and have been blessed with the coaching leadership and the stability we’ve enjoyed. You can’t like the coaching staff one game and then not 2 games later. It defies logic/reality. If we shoot 30% and lose you can’t come out and say I’m off the bandwagon. If we face a 1-3-1 zone and it’s apparent we don’t know how to attack it then it’s valid to raise the issue of preparedness. I originally followed this Board almost strictly for the recruiting info and lists people took the time and interest to research and post and I would like to thank them as it gave me information and insight I didn’t have the time to generate myself. I do think there is a difference between saying someone had a bad shooting night or isn’t quick/strong enough to cover someone as opposed to something more direct or personal. It’s a really good board and I would ask everyone to not get defensive and attack me...I am not singling anyone out but rather supporting your sentiments and agreeing the same mea culpa you did. Let’s try to keep it at the team level. All of that said I had so many observations and concerns after Lafayette I didn’t even post for the very issue you’ve raised. For instance, there’s a real versatility issue with some of our guys. Has anybody looked at the ratio of some of our guys 3 pt FGA vs total FGA attempts (and not just MO)? We’ve got guys who just preponderantly shoot threes, we got guys who preponderantly shoot threes from only one specific area of the court. We got guys who don’t/can’t penetrate and can’t get to the rim. The difference btw KM and others is VAST. The difference btw AVI covering 2’s and wings is VAST. The game has changed so much since I played and even in how it is taught. Remember “never throw a cross court pass” and “don’t let anybody go baseline”. How about “basketball is a team game”. It’s still a team game but if your philosophy is 40 minutes of MTM it morphs...it’s now 5 guys in 5 individual wrestling matches and you have to win each individual wrestling match if you want to advance to the NCAA tournament and then advance within it. We need to get kids every year that fit that mold. It’s 5 guys in hand to hand combat. That’s the way the game is played today and you need versatility and you need to be able to defend against the dribble drive. If you can’t defend the dd and you can’t dd yourself you’re in trouble.

Well said, Old Bison. Your are a good writer with clear logical posts, this board needs you.

It was nice having Kimbal back. We were down 20-18 with about 6 minutes to go and Kimbal drains a three and puts us up 21-20. This is what we were missing. That gives something the big three can work with.

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