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I admire the Penn fan's everlasting loyalty and belief in MM. You guys love him.

I am inclined to agree with much of your view. I like MM as the coach. I support him, and I want to give him more time. But come on. This is year five, and the last three have been three years of suckiness. And you have to trust me on this, seeing your more athletic team be this atrocious on defense is excruciating. I don't know - maybe you're saying the Pitz is so pitz-i-ful that the home team cannot expect to play good defense regardless of the coaching. The trend is that this team is getting worse and not better - it was better with Agel's players and worse with MM's. That's just the math.

So I bristle at is the suggestion that the institutional issues give the coaching staff a total pass. And therefore it's the facilities and not the coach and so you don't hold the coach accountable no matter what the record. A complete cop out. Yes there are barriers there, and yes Brown's managed to overcome them in the past. Columbia's done that in the past, as has Cornell. The technology exists. The program needs more support, and that does not absolve the coach of the need to improve the program. I think we should be able to agree on that.

For what it's worth, I haven't lost faith that MM can be that guy. I am a supporter. But answer me this: if i'd told you that Brown would be 10-30 in the league in MM's years 3-5, would you have said that was the right path to be on? Or would you have gone a different direction? Or would you have said that it's got nothing to do with the program leadership?
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