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First off id like to apologize for saying I was going to give my thoughts and then disappearing. I am not arrogant or naive enough to think anybody cares however I don't like to say I am going to do something and then not, so sorry about that, between the draft deadline and helping some kids with the portal it's just been a crazy time.
I'd also like to say sorry ahead of time for the length and in all likelihood unorganized nature of the post. I will try to answer all the questions I have gotten via DM, share my thoughts, and then I think it's best I leave you folks be.
First, to answer some of the most asked questions in general I have gotten:
1)My background...I have as the old saying goes been fortunate enough to never cash a check that wasn't related to basketball. Between coaching, AAU scouting then, what you would most likely call a street agent this is all I know. By street agent in my case, I never took a penny nor did I encourage or arrange for any kid, coach or parent to get paid. I simply used my connections to help kids land at a school I thought would be the right fit.
2)What brought me to this board...I have obviously known about Penn basketball forever. Hassan was the first player I was associated with to go to Penn but my real involvement was with Kyle Neptune who I desperately tried to steer toward Penn. Once I found the site I found its users knowledgeable, respectful, passionate, and loyal. I love anything basketball related and you folks appreciate the game in a different way and I always enjoyed all of your perspectives.
3) Do I have a vendetta against Penn or Steve..
No. I admire everything about Penn, academically and its basketball history. As for Coach SD on a personal level think he is a fine honest man.
Now the hardest part....making 100% certain that I am ONLY speaking on behalf of myself and NOT Jordan or any other player. All answers are based on MY interactions with other coaches of all levels and kids who were recruited by the current staff
1) What feedback did Jordan get that he would need to transfer to a higher level when CJ and Oni didn't?
First, the transfer rules were different when those two played, so they might have switched schools under the current rules. However, the feedback was in fact he would be better off leaving...why? Simple....style of play and predictability of offense. The NBA people I spoke with...I never asked JD directly about this but the ones I spoke with do not have a high opinion of Steve's coaching ability. Not his preparation, not his in-game management, not his ability to adjust to different unforeseen situations nor his general game acumen. And do be honest neither do I. With NO VENDETTA I can simply say I do not believe the man is a quality basketball coach.
2) Scouting and recruiting issues... I'll start by saying that I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT fully understand the AI, or financial situations involved. What I do know is this staff has failed to both identify and consistently maintain contact with players that have either ended up quality players in the league or were interested in Penn, would have been different makers at Penn but the staff didn't pursue them properly. The staff has a reputation around CBB as looking for a specific skill and hoping they can turn the kid into a piece of the puzzle. Shooting, length, etc.... instead of recruiting basketball players. They are not consistent in their contact, don't understand the way kids today want to be contacted, and honestly are outdated and outworked.
I am sure many of you will disagree and as always I know they will come from smarter people than myself and from a good place so I absolutely respect and appreciate the contrarian points of view.
I wish you all well. Penn is a fantastic basketball brand and I hope it gets restored to where it belongs. The Palestra is my fav arena and I know how much it means to the game when Penn is relevant.
On a personal note, I want to thank each and every one of you for welcoming me these past several years. You have ALWAYS been welcoming, and respectful and in times of loneliness quite comforting. Be safe, be healthy, and take care

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