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Username Post: Open Letter to Coach Mclaughlin        (Topic#19950)
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02-18-17 12:52 AM - Post#222243    

Dear Coach Mclaughlin:
Please enlighten the Dartmouth faithful with your inside insights and please answer these questions:
1. How can you, as a head coach, continue to put a horrible defensive group on the floor every game of the season so far? How can it be possible that after 5 months of playing together, our entire team cannot play defense and stop dribble penetrations? How is that possible? Aren't you coaching these kids? You're directly responsible for the product you put on the floor, and after 5 months, we can't play defense. Why? Please tell us why other coaches get their teams to play defense and you can't? You have 4 assistants helping you. Are they/you are not doing your jobs? Please enlighten us.
2. Why is it that you continue to tolerate poor on court play. Mike Fleming gets driven by 5 times in a row (out of 15+ times tonight) and they score layups plus and ones, and hes still on the court. WHY???? Miles disappears nearly every game, yet he plays (TONIGHT 25 MINUTES, 2 POINTS, 3 REBOUNDS, 4 FOULS). Why???? I certainly don't see players suffering any consequences for their poor play. WHY?
3.Why do we continue to do the exact same things game after game and show little to no improvement in almost every aspect of our teams game. Isn't your job to get the team to show improvement game after game? We're not. Why not? Breaking a 1-3-1 zone is super easy. but your team can't demonstrate any effective offense against any zone. Why not? I've watched each game twice on tape. Our offense against any zone is to pass the ball around the perimeter until there are 5 seconds left, then we panic and jack up a shot???? Is that the best you/we can do? really? Its VERY AWFUL to watch. That's YOUR JOB!!
4. The one constant we have is Evan Boudreaux. I cannot tell you how many times i've watched him cut through the lane wide open, or seal his guy on the block, and our players cant get him the ball. Why? Are we physically not talented enough to get the ball to our best scorer? Please enlighten us As to why we can't make simple entry passes. PS, it is highly likely that without Evan on the team this year, we would have zero wins so far.
5. You have an innate knack for pulling players when they are hot/on fire. What the heck is going on? We have enough trouble scoring points but when Guilien, Miles, Barry, or Evan are hot, you take them out. I don't care if you think they're tired. Leave em in the game. They're young and in shape. Don't take out the hot hand! It plays right into the other teams hand.
6. We've been in several close games that we should have won, despite our deficiencies. As a 5 person coaching staff, why can't you guys come up with plays to win the games? If you say the players aren't executing, then you need to look in the mirror and correct it. And so far you haven't. WHY??
7. The excuse of "these aren't my players" is old and tired. You got this team, and its your job to win with them. And you're not. So how long do you think it will take before you start winning Ivy Championships? 2 years? 5 years? Long suffering fans want Ivy Championships now. What are you going to do to get us to the point where we will win Ivy Championships? How long should you be given to "prove" yourself as a championship coach.
8. Our season is in the tank, Why haven't you started to play for next year, Why aren't the freshman playing? ALOT? They need to learn to work together now for next season. WHEN is this going to happen??
I think Dartmouth fans started the season full of optimism. And you and your coaching staff have failed us and the school so far. 5 wins and 17 losses. Bottom of the barrel in the Ivy League. It's not just about the process. Its about the outcome. We have enough talent to NOT be in last place. And no improvement to show for it. I personally am very discouraged. And so are a lot of people I speak with. I'm willing to finish out the season and see where we stand when its over. But the lack of meaningful season long improvement and an abysmal record raises serious questions in my mind about whether we have the right coaching leadership. And Harry Sheehy must stand accountable if his coaching decision doesn't work out. Even after all this, I do hope you're successful as Dartmouth deserves to win. And we are all rooting for Dartmouth to win.

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Go Green 
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02-19-17 03:30 PM - Post#222529    
    In response to hoops123

Notwithstanding any shortcomings (perceived or real) in the coaching, I think it's pretty obvious that the team has not quit on McLaughlin.

If they continue to play hard till the end, they should get some more victories in the next two weeks.

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02-19-17 05:32 PM - Post#222569    
    In response to Go Green

  • Go Green Said:

Notwithstanding any shortcomings (perceived or real) in the coaching, I think it's pretty obvious that the team has not quit on McLaughlin.

If they continue to play hard till the end, they should get some more victories in the next two weeks.

I don't think the team is quitting on themselves.
"...no excuses - only results!”

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02-26-17 01:28 AM - Post#223697    
    In response to GoBigGreenBasketball

Pulling players who get hot is a bit befuddling. I've noticed that also. Thank goodness Johnson came back in hot after that first half against Columbia.
"...no excuses - only results!”

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