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11-10-17 11:34 AM - Post#235806    

Supposedly sitting out, graduating and transferring per ESPN.
Doesn't really affect the top of the league, but a bummer because he was really fun to watch.

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11-10-17 01:41 PM - Post#235829    
    In response to digamma

See it on his twitter account - repeated by Mike James. He's a Junior, so he's hoping to save 2 years of eligibility?

He's still on Dartmouth's own roster site and in team pic.

Gonna be a cold winter in Hanover.

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11-10-17 01:56 PM - Post#235831    
    In response to HARVARDDADGRAD

The final nail in the coffin to an AD who fired the best game coach in the Ivies. Good riddance.

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11-10-17 04:08 PM - Post#235839    
    In response to palestra38

Good point.
Really too bad. Dartmouth not getting any breaks.

Former coach beat much better Harvard teams 2 years in a row. I recall being impressed when Harvard blew a big lead because Malik Gill hounded a much taller Wes Chambers. Without Siyani, Harvard’s offense stalled.

I thought recruiting was picking up though.

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11-10-17 04:17 PM - Post#235841    
    In response to palestra38

Understandable decision from Boudreaux, but the timing is certainly not great for his team. At least Tony Hicks gave Penn a whole 2 weeks before the '15-'16 season to announce his departure from the team.

FWIW, Boudreaux was interviewed in The Dartmouth's 10/30/17 article on the upcoming season:

http://www.thedartmouth.com/article/2017/10/baske t...

- “First and foremost, we want to make the Ivy League Tournament,” forward Evan Boudreaux ’19 said. “There’s no reason we can’t do it. To be the first team in [Dartmouth men’s basketball] history to go to the [NCAA] tournament since 1959 is doable, especially with the new [Ivy League] tournament.”

- A fellow Ivy League Rookie of the Year himself, Boudreaux looks to star again this year and take on more of a leadership role.

“I think a big part of [helping the team] is becoming a more well-rounded leader and getting the guys to buy into the collective concept,” Boudreaux said. “Once we establish our identity, that’s up to me and some of the other upperclassmen to reinforce that and hold guys accountable.”

Boudreaux made the U.S. Basketball Writers Association All-District I team for the second straight year, leading the league with 9.5 rebounds per game and finishing second with 17.5 points per game while averaging a double-double in Ivy League games. Still, Boudreaux is modest about his personal awards.

“The coaches have done a great job structuring the offense so we can play freely and take good shots,” Boudreaux said. “Obviously I would have much rather had winning seasons and team success, but they’re definitely great awards to have.”

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11-10-17 08:44 PM - Post#235862    
    In response to rbg

So in basically two weeks, he goes from all gung-ho for the upcoming season to transferring? What happened there?
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11-10-17 09:17 PM - Post#235868    
    In response to dperry

Tough break for Dartmouth. I hope that, at least, he will graduate and use his remaining eligibility as a grad student elsewhere. (Wish he had been a Tiger🙁)

Chip Bayers 
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Chip Bayers
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11-10-17 10:39 PM - Post#235880    
    In response to Tiger69

If only he had known the Bruner & Mason news at Yale! DC 4th place or bust if they only had Boudreaux!

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11-10-17 11:16 PM - Post#235889    
    In response to Chip Bayers

Ok Mike. That explains your sims and Yale.

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11-11-17 10:00 AM - Post#235900    
    In response to HARVARDDADGRAD

Strange to wake up to this news and the Yale injuries. It’s one reason not to pay too much attention to preseason chatter. There are just too many unknowns.

I do feel badly for Makai Mason. He was a terrific talent and a pleasure to watch.

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11-14-17 02:05 PM - Post#236286    
    In response to rbg

My understanding is that this has been in the works for a bit and the team waited to announce it.

Huge blow to the program. I definitely feel bad for the freshman coming in, but certainly have no ill will for Boudreaux. Gave us 2 great years and is too talented to not play in a Power 5.

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11-15-17 09:07 AM - Post#236369    
    In response to SomeDartmouthStudent

I can understand if this decision had been in place for a while. However, I do not know why it was announced so close to the start of the season. The timing looks bad and created a negative vibe for the program and the school at a time when the team is trying to create excitement on campus. SDS, do you know why the announcement wasn't done earlier?

If not for the familial connection, Dartmouth would, most likely, not have been chosen by Boudreaux. With a change in coaching staff and a rebuilding process in place, I can certainly understand his desire to leave. Being able to play for a team for two years would seem to make he an incredibly desirable recruit for many major schools.

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11-15-17 12:01 PM - Post#236391    
    In response to rbg

None of the evidence points to this being anything but a surprise. Doesn't mean it wasn't a long time coming but I kind of doubt it.

Quotes from EB himself about the pending season are public as well as quotes from the HC about same. The interview with the HC after the fact tells us he was surprised by the decision and it was sudden.

I have heard from multiple sources (including on here--FWIW) that he was not elected captain and immediately after that decision (early last week?) he quit and informed the coaches.

I don't doubt for a second he has considered this for some time and something has kept him from pulling the trigger. Perhaps it was the ridiculous coaches snub from 1st team All Ivy, perhaps it is the wear and tear of a losing season with high usage, maybe he was estranged from his teammates. Whatever it was, he snapped last week and here we are.

EB has always seemed to play with a chip on his shoulder. I have no doubt he will be highly sought after and will have many choices after he graduates from Dartmouth.

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11-20-17 03:19 PM - Post#237042    
    In response to PennFan10

That's a real loss for the league. Lots of players have dropped off teams, but I can't recall any of his caliber.

He was fun to watch. I remember thinking "how the heck is this guy so good" so often that he would be a shoe in to replace Woody Harrelson in the sequel to white men can't jump.

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