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Username Post: Boudreaux transferring        (Topic#20655)
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11-10-17 04:02 PM - Post#235837    


From the Valley News
http://www.vnews.com/Dartmouth-men-s-baske tball-st...

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11-11-17 01:56 AM - Post#235893    
    In response to picknroll

This is terrible news. We lose are best player.
"...no excuses - only results!”

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    In response to GoBigGreenBasketball

Some quotes from Coach McLaughlin after the Quinnipiac loss on Saturday.

http://www.vnews.com/Dartmouth-men-s-baske tball-at...

-- The Big Green, 7-20 overall and 4-10 in the Ivies last season, was picked to finish seventh in the Ancient Eight during a preseason poll of league media. That was for a team including Boudreaux, whose egression McLaughlin said he did not see coming.

“We had a brief discussion Wednesday, and I wished him luck,” said the second-year coach. “He didn’t want to be part of this process, and we don’t want people who don’t want to be here. I’m not going to try talk guys out of it.”

Any idea why Boudreaux, who denied to the Valley News midway through last winter that he was considering such an exit, would pull the ripcord so suddenly and days before the season opener?

“I’m not in his head,” McLaughlin said. “He made his own decision in his own best interests.”

What was your reaction to the news?

“All my effort immediately turned to the guys who want to be part of this team,” McLaughlin responded. “I coach everyone very hard and with a lot of passion. When someone doesn’t want to be part of that work process, it hurts and it’s surprising, because you pour your heart into what goes on.” --

McLaughlin was interviewed during halftime of the women's game against Boston College yesterday and was asked about the situation. Like the Friday Valley News article, the coach did not mention Boudreaux by name or his leaving the program. He emphasized playing with guys who want to be here, play together, compete together and be about each other.

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Boudreaux transferring
11-13-17 04:12 PM - Post#236143    
    In response to rbg

"That was for a team including Boudreaux, whose egression McLaughlin said he did not see coming."

Wow. I've seen the word 'egress' before ("to the egress, ladies and gentlemen"), but never, ever in that form.

Didn't see that one coming, either.

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11-14-17 09:20 AM - Post#236257    
    In response to penn nation

Didn't Boudreaux's family force Cormier out? Kind of a kick in the shins to get the coach changed and then leave the team just a season later, on the eve of their opener? I've heard that the final straw might have been that he wasn't elected captain this year; he wasn't hanging out with the team at all in the first place.

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11-14-17 02:01 PM - Post#236285    
    In response to flinder

Ouch indeed. As much as I don't like what this does to the program I cant blame the kid.

Anyway- Looks like an 8th place finish for us since Brown just managed to beat Quinnipiac.

Do you have inside information? Both of those would be shockers for me/ how do you know he wasn't hanging out with the team?

I've been on campus with these guys since the start of the fall semester and that doesnt seem to be the case.

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11-14-17 09:14 PM - Post#236346    
    In response to SomeDartmouthStudent

I have it from a source who knows people on the team but isn't necessarily privy to the day-to-day goings on of the team, so that person might just have an impression instead of a firm knowledge of everything going on. But the source has been an observer of Big Green basketball for years now, so I feel like their impressions aren't worth _nothing_. Obviously, it can't change the situation moving forward, and that's what Dartmouth's got to do. I wonder how it affects their recruiting.

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11-14-17 11:09 PM - Post#236358    
    In response to flinder

Got it!

I'm sure that there is a bunch of stuff floating around right now. I don't think too many people were in the know for this move. I certainly wasn't.

I'd have to imagine that this sets recruiting back a good amount.It reflects poorly on Mclaughlin to not be able to keep talent within the program. Especially a kid who was arguably a generational talent for Dartmouth.

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11-15-17 04:51 PM - Post#236444    
    In response to SomeDartmouthStudent

I was quite certain he'd graduate in 3 years, a la Mitola. However, I didn't think he'd forego his junior season to do it. Especially that late into the preseason.

Did he play in the preseason scrimmages? If he did, that would rule him ineligible for a bit of his 3rd season, right?

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