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Username Post: Brutal Loss        (Topic#20674)
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11-14-17 09:28 PM - Post#236349    
    In response to Cvonvorys

And many of the missed layups were Antonio & Darnell driving the lane on 1 on 3 matchups. The lineup did play good defense until the second OT; but I thought Caleb should have been in a lot more to give us a second three point option & maybe make LaSalle play Betley a little more honestly.

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11-14-17 09:36 PM - Post#236351    
    In response to section110

AJ and Betley had few shorts because LaSalle overplayed them. That left Max alone and dared Woods and Foreman to shoot. Penn needs another offensive option. Let's hope Wood can step up.

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11-14-17 10:39 PM - Post#236355    
    In response to UPIA1968

I agree. Wood has looked good. And AJ got post position plenty of times in both games but teams are overplaying him as you said. I would love to see more Caleb.

Charlie Fog 
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Reg: 11-12-13
11-15-17 06:59 AM - Post#236363    
    In response to PennFan10

If Wood can keep his turnovers in check he should see more time.

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11-15-17 07:51 AM - Post#236365    
    In response to Charlie Fog

His play as a shooter (in a small sample size) does make me wonder if we kind of messed him up by asking him to play PG last year. Once his role changed, he never seemed to get comfortable as a shooter. For two games at least, he looks great.

That said, though, we probably need to remember that it is a limited number of shots, and that everything looks better when the ball goes in the basket. Donahue and Jones are also capable of hot streaks, so it isn't necessarily dispositive that one guy's shots went in while the other guys' shots did not. Could just be luck of the draw.

Same goes for the team, of course. If we hit 3s at a decent clip the first two games, we would have a different record and a different impression of how things were going. And that would be despite the same (perhaps high variance) approach.

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11-15-17 09:02 AM - Post#236368    
    In response to Cvonvorys

Important to caveat that 40 poss is a super small sample, but here are Caleb's splits:

On Court:
115 ORAT
105 DRAT

Off Court:

Penn shoots 50% of its shots as threes when he's on the floor, versus 37% for all other possessions. There are a lot of other interesting things that I see but not going to dive into right now, because we're talking about just 40 poss. When Caleb gets into the triple-digit poss, we can start talking about some of those other things which seem to be very different when he's on court vs. off right now...

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Brutal Loss
11-15-17 09:18 AM - Post#236371    
    In response to mrjames

Mike, how would you set the starting 5? I understand you might not want to be pinned down, but I'd like you to be prescriptive even if it's general statements like "I'd like to see X get more minutes", "I think it would be interesting if Penn tried Y".

On the one hand I understand that two games really isn't enough to update your priors much, but I wasn't leaning towards this lineup configuration to begin with so I'm more willing to blow it up. The only thing I've updated is perhaps thinking Wood is a guy to try more than Sam Jones.

I was actually disappointed in Donahue's, um, Donahue decision. If a guy's good enough in your mind to merit 20+ minutes and the greenest of green lights, I'd like to think he's worth getting off the bench in the next game. I don't like the thought process there even as I'm not a huge Jackson fan.

I'll also say that while we seem to be crediting Penn for good defense while saying we had bad offense, I think it's as likely that both teams just had bad offenses. I get styles are a preference thing, but that game was excruciating to work and everything that's wrong with college basketball. Or would be if Donahue and Giannini called a lot more timeouts in the last 30 seconds to micromanage. At least they didn't do that.

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Re: Brutal Loss
11-15-17 09:46 AM - Post#236374    
    In response to Jeff2sf

I don't have a good sense of what would work yet, though I would like Steve to throw a bunch of shooters out there together and see what happens (namely, how bad will the defense be?).

Way, way too early to feel good about saying definitive things about the rotation, and I don't blame Steve for trying some new things.

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Re: Brutal Loss
11-15-17 10:27 AM - Post#236377    
    In response to mrjames


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Brutal Loss
11-15-17 11:39 AM - Post#236388    
    In response to T.P.F.K.A.D.W.

  • Jeff2sf Said:
eddie scott played 7 minutes in the first half and was a minus 5. Not great but I mean that seems like a pretty ordinary occurrence.

And in those 7 minutes he was pretty much personally responsible for at least 6 points coming against (probably more), plus all the misses. It was good to see him take confident shots and I don't see why they won't fall in the future, but he compounded the misses by freshman d mistakes.

As far as Caleb Wood, that role will go to whoever is hotter, Caleb or Jackson. I wouldn't give up on Jackson quite yet, but I've been saying that for a season and a half...at some point he has to make shots at a 35% clip again.

My biggest gripes with the rotation were small minutes for Devin (unless he truly felt they'd be inferior defensively) and the inability to get a good shot for Betley. I know what they were trying to do, but as a coach you have to counter. Instead we relied on unsuccessful drives from the two guards and Max shots. I'd take Betley going to the hole and getting to the line any day over what we saw.

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Reg: 11-21-04
Re: Brutal Loss
11-15-17 01:18 PM - Post#236398    
    In response to Quakers03

Again... small sample, small sample, small sample, BUT:

Eddie Scott on floor (16% team poss, 25 poss):
139 DRAT

Off floor (84% team poss, 132 poss):

Important to note that the member of that 2017 class that I heard (far and away) the best stuff about was Jelani Williams, so it's not surprising that with him sidelined, there isn't a lot of production coming from that class.

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