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Username Post: State of the team?        (Topic#21122)
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State of the team?
02-19-18 10:17 AM - Post#248570    
    In response to GIQUAKER

Despite the lack of comparable funding the Ivy league is the epitome of Mid-Major. It's usually ranked in the middle of all leagues in basketball. A lot of the better players on each team could have gone to better athletic schools (Xavier) but chose Ivy for academics. I say that to say that there is no lack of competitiveness among our players and the other conferences. They just have an equal level of focus on academic excellence. I honestly believe that the conference could raise the level of commitment to the sport and not lose anything on the quality of academically minded student it recruits. Playing a D1 sport is demanding. The amount of time and energy these kids put in in high school while maintaining the level of academic excellence is quite astounding. I think (in terms of basketball) that the adults grossly underestimate what these kids go through to play at this level.

The result of this is kids who work twice as hard to graduate early (from an Ivy), while playing, so they can play at a high major school. There is no reason the people who lead the league can't raise the level to attract and keep these kids all four years.
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02-19-18 10:29 AM - Post#248572    
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I agree with all of your points. I don't think anyone disagrees with the point that many of the Ivy players are on par with other good DI programs' athletes. I think that a major difference with scholarship schools can be the depth of the talent. If you look at some teams this year in the Ivy's, injuries have hurt them. I think that if the Ivy's want to compete, scholarships are needed. I don't ever expect that to happen. I will say however that I think that lack of support puts a lot of pressure on the coaches and players currently in the Ivy's.

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02-19-18 08:17 PM - Post#248670    
    In response to GIQUAKER

Just two points here-

1) I think everyone agrees that if Bourdreaux was still on the team, Dartmouth makes the Ivy tournament.

2) This year's performance is hardly great... but could have been worse.

I've long said that unless you have a historically bad run (think Mangurian at Columbia football), fairness dictates that a coach be give four years to prove his mettle. While nobody is claiming that Dartmouth's performance this season has been "good," it isn't historically bad either.

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02-19-18 09:42 PM - Post#248672    
    In response to Go Green

I think your 2 points are spot on. To your first point, I think Evan is missed more this year because the team has more talent and he could have stayed in his role. I felt that he tried to do too much last year. Shooting 3's was not his thing. Scoring inside and getting to FT line was. I am hoping for 2 more wins this year. We'll see...

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02-19-18 11:31 PM - Post#248678    
    In response to Go Green

Obviously we’ll never know for sure, but I don’t agree with (1), or at least I think it is debatable.

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