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Username Post: Carter        (Topic#21488)
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04-23-18 05:19 PM - Post#255678    
    In response to mrjames

One point that seems to be invalid to me is the analogy between one-and-dones and the likes of Gates or Zuckerberg. The latter did not plan to quit early but stumbled upon opportunities that seemed too good to pass up, and in the case of Zuckerberg discovered it as an integral part of being a student at Harvard. That's very different from accepting a student whose plan is to leave during or after completing a single year of college, with an option to come back and complete years later.

If you told the admissions office that you were planning to drop out after a year to start a company, I don't think you'd sniff an acceptance--it simply isn't a good allocation of a scarce resource (a slot in the class).

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04-23-18 05:36 PM - Post#255679    
    In response to SRP

Actually, Mark might be pretty on target. He had some job offers from big tech companies for big numbers coming out of high school based on his file sharing app he built but opted to go to Harvard instead. At any moment, he could have dropped out of school and gotten a huge paycheck like a one-and-done. When school finally got in the way of a big idea he wanted to pursue, he left. He was well known in the industry, much like a Top 25 recruit would be.

I can't imagine as the valedictorian of Exeter who profiled as the next Bill Gates coming out of high school would have ever been passed up on by Harvard. I also think the premise is wrong: If you tell Harvard you plan to suspend your education after a year to start a company, that's not gonna be viewed as a negative...

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04-23-18 06:22 PM - Post#255681    
    In response to mrjames

If you suspend for a year before coming, sure. People delay acceptance for all sorts of reasons. That's very different from planning to drop out after one year, where the prospect of completing the degree is far less.

I suppose the admissions people could just admit more students to compensate for the wasted slot if they had high confidence that the applicant was really going to bail after a year.

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04-23-18 09:18 PM - Post#255694    
    In response to SRP

Great! Let’s add another floor to a Yard Dorm for applicants so talented that they unlikely to make it to Housing Day.

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Re: Carter
04-24-18 07:30 AM - Post#255708    
    In response to Charlie Fog

That was my recollection.

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04-25-18 03:41 PM - Post#255873    
    In response to mrjames

"A special National Collegiate Athletic Association panel on college basketball today called for high school players to be eligible for the professional draft -- nixing the so-called one-and-done phenomenon. This, along with harsher punishments for programs that violate the rules, was among the commission’s sweeping suggestions, an attempt to mitigate corrosive influences on the sport.
Many of the reforms put forth by the Commission on College Basketball, formed in the wake of an alleged kickback scheme, require action and buy-in by the National Basketball Association and other entities. Specifically, the NBA would need to scrap its requirement that players be one year out of high school before entering the league. This would end the widely criticized one-and-done phenomenon, in which athletes play for a single season before turning professional."

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