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Username Post: Bryce Washington        (Topic#21527)
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05-18-18 09:00 AM - Post#256987    
    In response to PennFan10

"I agree with J2J, Eddie and Jelani should be considered sophomores for all reasons stated"

Nothing is assured when you are talking about 4 years from now, but I offer the following:

1. One and done (which has often created roster space at a lot of non Ivies) is unlikely to be the norm. I believe we will see better kids going straight to the pros out of high school in the not too distant future. In addition the NCAA is considering allowing D1 to D1 transfers without the one year sit out requirement. Both of these factors may limit opportunities for placement of Ivy players at other schools as grad student eligible players.

2. A couple of the recent Ivy transfers are are function of planned early graduation (Boudreux and Gettings), injuries/illness late in the 4 year cycle (Dwyer) or special rules that limit the number of semesters one can be enrolled as a student to 8 (Yale, Harvard and Princeton).

3. Penn has no such restrictions and the kids who sat last year gave up year #1 and have plenty of time to plan for that 5th year.

4. The 10th semester does not require you carry 4 courses as mandated for eligibility in other semesters. You can carry as few as one if that is all that is needed to get ones degree in that last semester.

In short, call them what you want, but even without a crystal ball and any assurances, the probability they will play at Penn the next 4 years is likely significantly higher than their leaving if one tries to project forward what might be the case at this point in time.

Having said that, factors like team success and team dynamics and playing time influence the experience and the desire to stretch out the Ivy experience. Right now a couple of those factors have been trending in a positive direction for Penn. The team was both successful and very tight last year. If Steve can maintain this kind of trajectory, odds are our injured/red shirted freshmen from 17/18 will stick around and utilize their eligibility as Penn students, assuming they are successful on the court and part of teams that compete at the top of the league.

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05-19-18 10:33 AM - Post#257034    
    In response to AsiaSunset

1) Some of youse gotta take a few deep breaths. Enjoy the summer. Have fun with your kids. Not pointing at anyone in particular so no one should be personally offended.

2) PF10's take sounds right, as it is pretty much all the time. Be careful about double-counting redshirts, we don't know what the future will bring.

3) This 2018 class is looking up, I'm not in the know enough to understand where it should rank. Biggest reason is in upgrade on Mike Wang, who is likely to be pushing for time immediately. I have no feel for Washington's readiness, I'd guess it will have much to do with his ability to contribute on the defensive end. Woods was taking on the toughest assignment 1-4 last year, willing to bet that coach D would like to see someone step up and help out especially with Darnell graduated. Scott and Washington are two candidates.

4) Donahue needs to score a very good incoming 2019 class. Martz is a good start but need more.

5) Speaking of Darnell, when does he get his picture in that space in the back right corner of the Palestra? I'd vote for a picture of the reaction immediately after the 1st half buzzer beater. The traditional shot sitting on the hoop is OK too. Make this happen!

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05-19-18 03:52 PM - Post#257042    
    In response to TheLine

On where the class ranks, it certainly seems like we should now be up to 4th. That isn’t great, but not too long ago we looked to be 7th.

I also don’t think the gap from the top is nearly as large as it was. I’d put Yale ahead of us only because 5 recruits is better than 3. I think our top 2 are now on par with their top 2. They just got more 2 star types than we did.

Harvard and Princeton still look to me to each have a guy on another level atop a deeper class than our’s.

Of course, my thoughts are based on what i’ve Read on the internets, etc. — I have no special knowledge. Just trying to fill the void during mrjames’ hiatus.

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Bryce Washington
05-19-18 04:06 PM - Post#257043    
    In response to SomeGuy

I think every Penn fan knew we were shooting for a small class and that was before it was known that 3 of out guys from the prior class would be out the whole year.

Next year we need a big for sure but there are still a lot of very young players on the roster so with Martz on board I’m thinking maybe two bigs and a guard.

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Re: Bryce Washington
05-20-18 05:37 PM - Post#257062    
    In response to AsiaSunset

Every recruiting class matters, but I think we’ve passed out of the danger zone where a lost class might put a lot of additional pressure on next year. And that is regardless of whether Scott and Williams play the next 4 years. We’ve got a nice 3 man Group.

One thing we will need to get next year is a point, I think. We’re covered for next season, but I think we’ll need a third guy to play behind Wiiliams and Goodman after next year. Washington doesn’t look like a point to me.

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