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Username Post: The Stepian: IL has 3 of Top 10 Mid-Major Prospects        (Topic#21759)
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08-18-18 09:53 AM - Post#260471    
    In response to PennFan10

It seems that the point you are making is that I'm assuming that Bruner is signifcantly additive for Yale while on the other hand I am not giving much credit to Eddie Scott and Jared Simmons.

Here's why.

First, because no one knows who is and will remain healthy, I believe we can only assume they all are (except for Jelani Williams). Certainly, if Bruner is unavailable again this year it will leave Yale short again. Note though, that Atkinson, Reynolds and Oni still provide Yale with respectable Ivy League rebounding capabilities.

In their freshmen seasons, Scott and Williams contributed, but nothing like Bruner. As guards, it could simply have been because Foreman and Wood were ahead of them. On the other hand, as a freshman, in 22 minutes per game, Bruner averaged over 10ppg, 6.6 rpg, and 2 blocks per game. I believe he led the league in blocks per minute. A 4* recruit, he was in the running for ROY, DOY, and might have received some level of all-ivy recognition.

Defensively, a healthy Bruner will be a significant and - yes - dramatic addition. He has a flair for intimidating blocks and exciting dunks. Yale has an abundance of guards, but without Bruner Yale was left to rely on the freshman Atkinson and a versatile but less athletic Reynolds. In the tournament, Atkinson got in foul trouble very early, severely impacting Yale's ability to handle a larger Penn squad. Interestingly, the knock against Yale in past years has been its lack of depth. If Bruner is healthy, that won't be an issue this year.

This stands alone and has nothing to do with Scott and Williams. They may be awesome, but unlike Bruner, they have yet to evidence that on the court.
This is consistent with Bruner being a top 150/200 recruit, and choosing Yale over Clemson and other Power 5 offers. Scott and Williams may be just what Penn needs, but they were not considered at that level coming out of HS.

If I seem to be impressed with Bruner, it's because I was impressed watching him two years ago when he could hold his own against the league's top bigs. I may be equally impressed when Scott and Williams get their chance.

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The Stepian: IL has 3 of Top 10 Mid-Major Prospects
08-18-18 12:38 PM - Post#260472    
    In response to HARVARDDADGRAD

I respect your opinion and Mike's opinion a lot so went back to see if I was missing anything. I think I did.

Trey Phills - I haven't been so impressed with him because he hasn't been very good in the games I've seen him play. Maybe it had less to do with him and more to do with the defense played against him because his overall numbers are better than I thought they'd be. I'm still not totally sold on him but he's a plus Ivy starter based on numbers.

I haven't seen enough of a healthy Jordan Bruner to evaluate. Healthy Bruner - if that is a possibility - would be an All-Ivy caliber player. And that would give Yale at least 4 better than average starters. Such a strong lineup would move players down in the pecking order where they rightfully belong - for example I think Reynolds is stretched as a 30 minute starter but would be a good asset as a 15-20 minute role player.

I still expect Yale to underperform. Bruner has a tricky injury that has a good chance to limit his effectiveness. As much as I feel I underestimated Phills, he does have a habit of not showing up for games against stiffer competition. I believe Frosh and untested players have large uncertainty bars, it seems that Yale's are optimistically priced (I have no idea whether the optimism is warranted, I'm not an expert). And - biggest reason - Jones is a mediocre coach.

All in all, I guess I'll stand with putting Yale on the Princeton-Penn tier instead of closer to Harvard's tier. Brown may surprise and join them. And while Harvard should be the favorite, I don't consider them to be an overwhelming one.

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08-18-18 01:37 PM - Post#260474    
    In response to TheLine


That’s not at all the point I am making. My point is tha Penn, with just the healthy players returning, is better than Yale with their healthy players returning. If Bruner manages to stay on the court for a full season, that may change things but not 80 KP spots. Princeton lost the DPOY in Bell and have no one to match up w Penn’s bigs. Harvard is the favorite IF Towns AND Aiken are back fully healthy.

Penn is the reigning Ivy Champ with 6 of 8 rotational players returning. 3 teams aren’t jumping 10-50 spots past them from 20-60 spots behind them in my opinion. Penn should be in the mix for a repeat title.

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Re: The Stepian: IL has 3 of Top 10 Mid-Major Prospects
08-18-18 02:59 PM - Post#260475    
    In response to mrjames

"I'll still be checking in from time to time, and I hope to get back to covering the league in the future. But I need to be realistic about my time, and this seems like it has to be on my cut list."

I'm hurt that you'd put enjoying your growing family ahead of kibitzing with a querulous bunch of obsessives. Where are your values?

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