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Username Post: A few words about Coach Engles        (Topic#22158)
Tod Howard Hawks 
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11-20-18 09:24 PM - Post#266688    

While I am indeed a new poster, I have been following Columbia basketball for a long time. I have to be honest about how I feel about Coach Engles. Putting aside, at least for the moment, his won-and-lost record, the coup de grace for me was when four of his players, including the 4-star player, all left during the same year. The job of any coach is to recruit great high school basketball players, not run them off. That's when I thought Engles should have been fired. I am, therefore, not optimistic about the fortunes of Columbia basketball as long as Engles remains the coach

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11-20-18 11:20 PM - Post#266693    
    In response to Tod Howard Hawks

Welcome, Todd. You lived down the hall from me on the 5th floor of Furnald in 1962.

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A few words about Coach Engles
11-20-18 11:42 PM - Post#266697    
    In response to Tod Howard Hawks

Thank you, Mr. Hawks for your concise and pointed remarks; and thank you for posting under your true name. I would do the same, but my name's been hijacked by Engles' primary apologist-enabler, who makes a rather awkward appearance on this page from time to time.
You were actually kind to state that 4 players have quit the basketball program during the last fourteen months of Engles' stewardship- actually 5 kids and 2 coaches have left. Nobody left because of graduation, injury or academic conflicts- these individuals all parted ways with the program because of Engles' marked inflexibility, and unwillingness to listen and learn anything.
And frankly, I really don't care so much about wins and losses, even though last season's men's team should've have probably won at least eight more games, but for Coach Engles; and this current team could very well be undefeated with a more stable personality in charge. As a recruiter, Engles was rather able at the start; but now his reputation precedes him on the recruiting trail; and there's very little he can get accomplished in getting student-athletes here- he can hardly recruit internationally or nationally, despite being able to present the Columbia label at a time when young people desperately want to spend their college years in the greatest city in the world. He can't recruit New York City players; he can't even recruit in his hometown of Staten Island, a small town (some would say, clannish) part of New York City where perhaps they know Mr. Engles, all too well. Harvard just received a commitment from their top recruit, Chris Ledlum of Staten Island. Interestingly enough, Ledlum is attending St. Peter's Prep, the same high school that Engles graduated from thirty years ago. However, Columbia was not only NOT in the recruiting mix for Ledlum, Engles couldn't even get the kid to visit the Columbia campus, a world class university less than 10 miles from Ledlum's home??!!??
But I don't care so much that Engles can't recruit, or win any close games or call even one necessary time out when it matters most. I want him banished because he's shown no appreciation for Columbia as a historically relevant collegiate basketball program, that's been around since the start of the twentieth century. This man's priority is what people say and write that's critical of him and that appears as such on various social media sites. I just don't believe one can do the position of head coach justice at a school such as ours, with an eye and ear perpetually tuned in to public opinion and gossip. Engles holds and acts on grudges against his critics, but has demonstrated little capacity for learning and growing as a coach; and for holding himself accountable for things that have gone wrong while he's been at the helm. Engles NEEDS to go- before Thanksgiving, or sooner still.

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