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Username Post: 3 pt. fouling under a min. to play: The main part or a brain fart?        (Topic#22182)
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11-26-18 12:31 PM - Post#267040    

I noticed in the Bonnie game Sotos fouled their three point shooter when we had a small (4 point?) lead with a handful of seconds in the game and MacKenzie did this in the Vermont game with a few seconds left as well. Is this a strategy? We force them to shoot (and make) all three free throws and we get the ball back with points to spare. Are they hoping the other team misses a few and then the ball is in our hands with seconds to play and a lead? Or is it just a mental mistake? I would rather have them take the three and take the chances of a miss and a rebound.

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11-26-18 12:44 PM - Post#267044    
    In response to Paulie777

Kimball's foul yesterday was a questionable call while playing normal perimeter defense. Not a strategy. Don't remember the Sotos play.

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3 pt. fouling under a min. to play: The main part or a brain fart?
11-26-18 01:54 PM - Post#267067    
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Neither of those fouls was at all intended. Probably the last thing they wanted to do.

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11-26-18 02:20 PM - Post#267077    
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The Soto’s foul was very obvious and absolutely not part of a strategy. Reminds me though that ND does not foul with seconds to go and a 3 point lead. Why not give a 2 shot foul and prevent them making a 3?

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11-26-18 02:41 PM - Post#267082    
    In response to bison63

  • bison63 Said:
. Reminds me though that ND does not foul with seconds to go and a 3 point lead. Why not give a 2 shot foul and prevent them making a 3?

That's often been an interesting item for discussion. There are a few issues:

1. Can't foul too early (maybe with more than 6-7 seconds left). If you do, the other team can make two shots to close to within one, then immediately foul - hoping you miss one. If that happens, they still have 7+ seconds to come down court and now only need to make a two-point basket.

2. Have to be very careful that the opposing ball-handler doesn't see the foul coming and go up with a shot just as he is fouled, thus making it a three-shot foul. Thus players need to be coached on fouling when the ball has just left the dribbler's hand.

3. Need to do a good job boxing out so that a deliberately missed second FT can't be rebounded or back-tapped to give the opposing team a chance to tie or win.

I think many coaches have the fear of #2 or #3 backfiring and costing them a game they likely would have won - even though the odds may favor the deliberate foul. It would be simpler if refs didn't allow the offensive team to push so much on rebounds of free throws. If you don't have bulky big men, they can easily be pushed way under the basket on a miss.

Here is an interesting article on the subject by Ken Pomeroy. Although he generally favors fouling as long as not much time is left, he does give a number of examples where that strategy has backfired.

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11-26-18 05:29 PM - Post#267124    
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Nothing is full-proof. I doubt there is ever a strategy to foul a person shooting a 3. But I think with a 3-pt lead and seconds to go, I’d foul if the opponent only shoots two FT’s with 3 seconds or less on the clock. If I have a poor reminding team I may re-think this, but if the clock is taken down then you have to have a tip-in basically to lose. I think that is a chance id take rather than a clean loook at a 3. But in the end, I want whatever works!

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