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Username Post: Stony Brook        (Topic#22260)
Old Bear 
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12-08-18 08:34 PM - Post#268351    

What a great win over a team that was 8-1 with wins over URI, GW and S, Carolina. Anderson did not suit up and Cambridge was in foul trouble in the 2nd half and had 12 in the 1st and only 4 in the 2nd. He also had 5 blocks and got called for a foul when he leapfrogged over a 6'8" guy and I don't believe he touched him, I want to see that replay. T Choh had 20 pts, 12 RBs, 3 Assists and a blocked shot. Okolie had 14 and 5. Brown had 46 Rbs to 31 for SB. Hunsaker had 10 pts. Brown won this with great D.

PhD Student
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Re: Stony Brook
12-08-18 09:26 PM - Post#268360    
    In response to Old Bear

Excelllent to win this game, and without Anderson. Stony Brook is really good, and probably would have won it they’d hit even half of their free throws. They’re a good FT shooting team so their performance from the line was odd.

Dominating both the offensive and defensive boards against this team is very impressive. Dez’ blocked shots ultimately saved the game. Choh a monster.

I wondered how they’d look without Anderson, and the flow was somewhat choppy. But given how much BA has the ball typically they did a reasonable job getting the ball around the court.

They said a hip issue for BA. Which could be part of why he struggled so much at Butler. Hope he’ll be ok after 14 days off.
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Re: Stony Brook
12-09-18 07:23 AM - Post#268378    
    In response to Bruno

Coach Martin has instilled a real improved mentality to defense that will keep the Bears in a lot of games this year. Add a stronger and more experienced Gainey to the rotation next year and that will take it up a notch further. Cambridge is the reincarnate of Phil Brown will electrifying blocks that can really get the crowd jazzed and the team pumped. The Bears should win at least two of their next four non league games and take a 9 and 6 record into league play. A .500 or better league record gets this young team in a post season tourney where they will gain more experience and confidence, and may also help on the recruiting front.

I was disappointed to read an article in the Projo last week that discussed Providence College’s schedule for next year with no mention of reviving the Brown series. That would be very dissapointing if that is the new norm. The Brown program is on the rise and the long time city rivalry should be embraced, not avoided.

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Re: Stony Brook
12-09-18 11:14 PM - Post#268440    
    In response to JBears

It’s hard for me to tell why the defense is so much more effective this year. The stats say where Brown stands out is in defending the three point line and - despite not having any regulars north of 6’6, save for DeWolf - blocking shots. I’m not an astute enough observer to diagnose the first. Maybe it’s their perimeter length. But the second is clearly the Cambridge factor, along with Choh and Howard. There’s a lot of guys there who don’t seem like they’re going to block your shot, who then block your shot.

Make no mistake. Obi has become the closest thing the team has to a lockdown perimeter defender. I never saw him that way before, but his defensive skillset seems very different this year.
LET'S go BRU-no (duh. nuh. nuh-nuh-nuh)

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12-10-18 01:39 AM - Post#268448    
    In response to Bruno

Obi's older brother Agunwa was Ivy DOY in 2015-16.

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Re: Stony Brook
12-10-18 10:46 AM - Post#268473    
    In response to Bruno

To add to Bruno's analysis - regarding the 3 pt defense...it appears we are trying to run teams off the 3 pt line as much as possible. Not sure we have faced a "great" 3 pt shooting team yet, but very rarely do you see our guys giving up a naked look, close outs are very hard, every 3 pointer is contested.

Okoro Dude 
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Re: Stony Brook
12-11-18 01:13 PM - Post#268581    
    In response to jst4245

Opponents are still shooting an average number of 3s vs. Brown, but making a ridiculously low 26% of them (vs. 37% last year). A pretty good chunk of that difference is attributable to playing generally poor 3-pt shooting teams and luck. That said, the overall lift from 274 to 115 is only partly driven by the 3-pt metrics. I think the 2-pt FG pct. (along with more blocked shots) and the lower rate of fouling are likely to be more permanent features and, while I suspect the D will wind up in-between 115 and 274, that is still significant improvement.

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