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Username Post: Coach Banghart        (Topic#22978)
penn nation 
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05-02-19 10:12 PM - Post#284128    
    In response to bradley

  • bradley Said:
Thanks for sharing. As previously stated, Coach Banghart has been the most successful IL coach, women or men, over the past 10 years by a significant margin. She came into a struggling program and got the Tiger's women on their feet within 3 years. .

Much the same can be said about her counterpart at Penn on the women's side.

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Coach Banghart
05-02-19 11:41 PM - Post#284129    
    In response to Go Green

  • Go Green Said:
Those that don't go to the Voy Board, an ESPN commentator is unimpressed with the Banghart hiring.

http://www.espn.com/womens-college-basket ball/stor...

First off, I'm offended on behalf of the league; as Sparman put it on the Voy board, this is the typical bias of someone who only really pays attention to the Power 5. The Ivies have been flirting with the edge of the upper-echelon for a couple of years now, and if the progress continues they're going to break into it pretty soon; people like Voepel are ignorant of this.

Second, I will agree with Voepel that UNC was concerned with more than just pure coaching skill in this decision; however, I think that it's more about image than money. Hatchell had problems with both racial and (allegedly) sexual minorities; Banghart will have no such problems. Hatchell appears to have been emotionally abusive to her players at times, particularly with regard to playing through injuries; Banghart has no history of this whatsoever. UNC in general and the women's team specifically have been mired in the fake-classes scandal for a few years now; what better answer than to bring in someone with great success at one of the best universities in the country, who has been lauded to the skies for it by the media? I think the current circumstances make her much more attractive and less of a risk to UNC then to, say, Tennessee.

I do have to disagree with Voepel on the whole experience thing; after all, every upper-echelon coach was new to the big leagues once upon a time. I don't know if there's been any formal study of the question, but there's certainly no obvious reason to believe that being an assistant for heavy-duty programs is a more certain road to success than head coaching at lower levels. As the NC fan boards have pointed out, the Vols just hired Kellie Harper, who has no more Power 5 experience than Banghart does, and you don't see skeptical articles about them. That just seems silly to me.
David Perry
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Re: Coach Banghart
05-03-19 08:56 AM - Post#284135    
    In response to dperry

Where's the like button on here so I can agree with David? Very well said.

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05-03-19 11:10 AM - Post#284145    
    In response to penn nation

Mike McLaughlin is a very good coach and Penn may well have additional opportunities to win IL crowns with Banghart's depature.

He is very good while Banghart was great based on all of the stats over the past 10 years. McLaughlin may well have the opportunity for a major conference program in the not too distant future.

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05-03-19 08:16 PM - Post#284168    
    In response to bradley

I wonder if Banghart will have any input on the choice of her successor.

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05-03-19 09:36 PM - Post#284173    
    In response to Tiger69

I am sure that Banghart will give input as to the readiness of one of her Assistant Coaches Carrie Moore. I believe that Moore is probably the only internal candidate but maybe she will leave with Banghart.

I would suspect that AD will explore outside candidates. With Allarie and Littlefield plus other Banghart recruits, it is not a bad job.

The Tigers got 12 great years out of Banghart. Hopefully, the Tigers carry on based on the foundation that Banghart has created.

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05-04-19 10:23 AM - Post#284182    
    In response to bradley

Mollie Marcoux has been AD for just over 5 years and the website says she's hired 12 new head coaches, several of whom have been excellent hires: Sean Driscoll (W Soccer), Carla Tagliente (Field Hockey), Cara Morey (W Hockey), to name a few who took over successful programs and have maintained or improved them. I am sure she is very focused on this hire, given the high profile CB has given the program. And I wouldn't be surprised if she already has a file in her office called "Next Head Women's B-Ball Coach," since Courtney's name has been out there for other positions over the past 3-4 years. I am optimistic she and her advisers will make a good choice.

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05-06-19 04:11 PM - Post#284228    
    In response to Albert08

Good review of potential candidates in Ivy Hoops Online:


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05-15-19 11:12 AM - Post#284524    
    In response to Tiger81

Coach Banghart has chosen to bring Carrie Moore with her to UNC as an assistant and recruiting coordinator.

https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaw/20 19/0...

Moore was Banghart's top assistant last year.

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05-15-19 02:04 PM - Post#284551    
    In response to rbg

Could mark the end of the Tiger's recruiting pipeline. Basically means that the entire staff is now new as Addie Micir, Cinnamon Lister and Jessica Imhof all just completed their first year. Personally, I was hoping Moore would be the new head coach. Not unexpected however, that she left to go with Courtney.

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05-15-19 03:05 PM - Post#284558    
    In response to SecS3

Lister took a assistant coaching job at UC Irvine shortly after Banghart accepted the UNC job.

The Princeton staff that ended the season is now down to Micir (assistant coach) and Imhof (director of basketball operation). Both finished their first year with the team. Micir played for Princeton and was an assistant at Dartmouth for the previous 5 years.

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