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Username Post: 2019-20 Co-Captains        (Topic#23015)
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04-10-19 05:01 PM - Post#283531    

Henry Welsh and Seth Towns were voted co-captains for next year (as per Henry Zhu at the crimson.com).

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2019-20 Co-Captains
05-26-19 10:24 PM - Post#284785    
    In response to 84grad

"were voted" is this a team vote?

I may be a little out of the loop but it seems like there is a glaring omission perhaps even two. Why not Bassey (reading shows great leadership qualities)? Why not Aiken (best player)?

Hope all is well with everyone!

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Re: 2019-20 Co-Captains
05-27-19 01:01 PM - Post#284788    
    In response to OnlyCrimsonBlood

  • OnlyCrimsonBlood Said:
"were voted" is this a team vote?

I may be a little out of the loop but it seems like there is a glaring omission perhaps even two. Why not Bassey (reading shows great leadership qualities)? Why not Aiken (best player)?

Better hope that they don't transfer....

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05-27-19 10:12 PM - Post#284794    
    In response to Go Green

Hard to have 4 captains.

Crimson have a history of making marginalized seniors captain recently. Corey Johnson, Weisner Perez, Chris Egi among them. Likely those players practiced hard and supported their teammates. Thomas Welsh fits that narrative.

As for Seth Towns, there is likely a similar but different situation. Similar because he just spent an entire season enthusiastically supporting his teammates at almost every game while injured. On the other hand, he is a POY and it is possible that the squad wanted him to know how important he is. Yes GG, in that way it would be different from the Boudreaux situation.

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05-28-19 09:55 AM - Post#284806    
    In response to HARVARDDADGRAD

The Harvard website has the policy on how captains are elected.

https://www.gocrimson.com/Crimson360/Harvard_St ude...

Captains Election Policy

ELIGIBILITY TO VOTE: those eligible to vote are major
letter winners of the current season’s squad and/or prior major letter winners who have participated for that full season and who are all present at the meeting. Electronic/absentee voting will not be permitted.

A. The election must occur immediately following the conclusion of the championship season (as soon as is
logistically possible), at a time when all team members are able to be present for the election. Proper notification of the time and place of the election shall be communicated to all team members eligible for voting.
B. The Head Coach may make a statement to the voters and review the election procedures, but then must retire from the election area. It is expected that the Head Coach will use this opportunity to define the role and responsibilities of the captain position.
C. The voting session shall be run by the outgoing captain(s), who retain eligibility to vote. In the event that the team has been led by a junior captain, he/she shall run the election, only in the absence of any outgoing seniors to do so (i.e., those seniors do not have to be captains).
D. Team members shall assume that they are voting for one captain. It is Harvard tradition and preferred
that one captain be selected for a team. If a team feels that electing more than one captain is important to the organization of the team, the team shall first vote on how many captains they would like to elect. In the event that more than one captain is chosen, they shall be referred to as co-captains (2) or tri-captains (3) in all communications.
E. The team should take a consensus on whether they would like to conduct the election with “blind voting” or if they would like to first nominate candidates who will be considered for election. If the team is “split” on this process, the captain(s)/senior(s) running the election shall make the final decision on which method will be used. Any team member may nominate a candidate for the captain opening. Nominations are taken by secret ballot. A nominee may withdraw his/her name from the election if he/she so chooses.
F. If voting via a nomination process, the nominees shall leave the voting area while other team members discuss the candidates (they may all leave at once, or one-at-a-time while the team is discussing that particular candidate). The candidates then re-enter the voting area to participate in the voting.
G. The captain(s)/senior(s) running the election shall count the ballots. In all elections, two people should count the ballots for validation. Voting is by secret ballot and voting shall continue until a simple majority prevails (51% of people voting). In the event that a candidate does not receive a majority, team members shall continue to vote, dropping off the candidate with the fewest votes from the ballot, until a simple majority prevails. If the final vote is a tie, then before proceeding with a second vote, the team should vote on whether or not they want co-captains. When the team choses upfront to elect more than one captain, captains shall be elected one at a time using this same formula. Coaches are not permitted to count or view the ballots or request such information from any team members.
H. If the elected captain does not return to Harvard for the academic year of his/her captainship, the returning team members (excluding freshmen) shall vote again to choose their captain following the procedures above as closely as possible.
I. A Head Coach can submit a written proposal to the Policy Committee requesting that minor H recipients be permitted to vote in the annual captain election of a particular sport. The proposal will include a rationale outlining why the exception is appropriate for the particular sport and that the change will be in effect until any future proposed change is approved through the same process. The Policy Committee will review submitted requests prior to the start of each season.
J. Any deviations from this policy must be requested by the Head Coach via a memo with the rationale for the change and must be approved by the sport liaison prior to the election.
K. Captains are expected to act as exemplary leaders of their teams and for the athletics Department by setting a good example. Situations involving captains with regard to inappropriate behavior and/or inappropriate use of alcohol or other substances may result in removal of the student from the captain position, the team, or exclusion for eligibility to become elected in a future election, at the discretion of the head coach and/or Athletics Department.
L. In accordance with the College’s policy on unrecognized single-gender social organizations (USGSOs), students matriculating in the Fall of 2017 and thereafter who are members of a USGSO will not be eligible to be elected Captain of a Varsity program.

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05-28-19 12:31 PM - Post#284815    
    In response to rbg

Apparently Henry and Seth are not members of the Porc

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05-28-19 02:23 PM - Post#284816    
    In response to HARVARDDADGRAD

Aiken is a ball dominant isolation type of player. Ball and movement doesn't really dictate who gets the shot. Maybe an argument can be made he really can't be the best player on a TEAM that wants to contend for a S16. It could be his teammates see things I don't see. That is why he is not captain material?

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05-28-19 10:11 PM - Post#284828    
    In response to OnlyCrimsonBlood

When players are responsible for voting its not the best player who gets elected captain. It’s the player(s) the others feel they want to lead them. If that happens to be the best player, so be it, but its not necessary. It seems clear the Harvard players feel like Towns and Welsh are the best leaders among the seniors.

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06-05-19 02:34 PM - Post#284983    
    In response to HARVARDDADGRAD

Apparently Henry and Seth are not members of the Porc

This does have something to do with who was eligible to be a captain.

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06-05-19 04:09 PM - Post#284987    
    In response to digamma

Yup, no single sex clubs or ineligible to be a captain, etc.

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