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Username Post: Harvard Basketball Culture/Expectations        (Topic#23031)
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04-30-19 10:20 AM - Post#284006    
    In response to Silver Maple

I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen. It already happens before and after games. Every team has catered meals for their team on game days and after games, both home and on the road. It's not that much of a stretch to add training table, especially when you have kids running from class to practice, then have a team lifting session followed by study hall (for the freshman) or night class. There is no opportunity to eat for many of these kids, depending on their schedule, from 3pm until 10pm. The schools should provide opportunity for nutrition for the athletes.

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04-30-19 10:43 AM - Post#284007    
    In response to PennFan10

I don't know anything about the catered meals and am surprised, at least for basketball. Recently, I've seen the following:
- Crimson players crossing the bridge to Lavietes separately one at a time about 2 hours before game time;
- A stack of pizza's being delivered to the Peter Pan bus for the ride back from Princeton; and
- Yale's entire men's basketball team eating eggs and pancakes (ordered individually) at Patricia's around 11am prior to the Tournament semifinals

Where does the training table exist?

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04-30-19 01:50 PM - Post#284019    
    In response to HARVARDDADGRAD

We used to get special hours in one of the residential colleges to eat when evening practice made it difficult. We also ate in the law school cafeteria on game days. The food was the same as student body. the pregame meals were better for away games.
I dropped 20 ibs in season and got weaker in the weight room. But with the benefit of hindsight I didn’t understand nutrition like I do today and no one taught me even the strength coach who fed me creatine.
I was the strongest guy on my high school team in the weight room with 7 div 1 players. I was maybe middle of the pack at best when I finished college (guessing) comparing to that same group. The hs teammates who went power 5 got much stronger. But admittedly maybe had better growth genes to begin with which is why they were recruiting on their body’s potential. Of course they also improved vertical jump etc more than I did which again could be due to growth genes as well as the strength and nutrition program. hard to pin down one variable.
The problem for the Ivy League is...32+ sports teams. A training table would have to be accessible to all. So that’s the double+ the number of teams as an avg SEC/acc school. And political correctness wouldn’t allow basketball to be treated differently like it might be as a revenue sport at say Unc duke or even an FSU.
An example...who gets the proceeds from buy in games? answer—the athletic program at large. the basketball team doesn’t fly charter to play duke despite getting paid for their efforts.

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Harvard Basketball Culture/Expectations
04-30-19 07:03 PM - Post#284031    
    In response to james

First off thank you for all the thoughtful and articulate responses to this SH post. I have learned quite a bit from those with personal fist hand knowledge (James) and all contributors. The perspective this has given me especially with the feedback from HarvradDad and James in the last few posts was a real reality check.

Yesterday I spoke to my girlfriend who lives in Santa Barbara right now whose best friends son plays on the UCSB basketball team. She was telling me how hard the players are working right now on conditioning and all areas of their game that need work. Of course UCSB is in a mid major league out the Big West.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLr-aKVixDg&a mp;fe...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yND2EnzW6P4&a mp;fe...

I checked out the UCSB message board and found these links (above). UCSB have put themselves in position as the favorite to win the Big West next year. According to the info I get out of Santa Barbara many fans are excited about the prospects of winning a game or two in the NCAA Tournament next year. I believe UCSB has one 4* recruit (with several transfers) who will be a Sophomore next year. Joe P. in the vids talks a lot about off season development.

Reasonable minds will disagree but an argument could be made UCSB next year will be as good as Harvard (with their 2016 class of all Seniors). Using a metrics based system (KenPom) right up the alley of the one and only Mr. James... I am thinking of placing a wager with the GF that Harvard will finish with a better KP than UCSB next year. Knowing her she will make me spot her 9.5 spots in the rankings!!!!!!! errrrr

Not sure I would make that bet even though before this post I was thinking Harvard a sleeper Final 4! That is how off my thinking was on this upcoming season for Harvard. I learned quite a bit.

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Re: Harvard Basketball Culture/Expectations
04-30-19 10:05 PM - Post#284039    
    In response to OnlyCrimsonBlood

I’ll change my mind on this when half the Harvard team gets saddled with injuries again, but in a fully healthy world, Harvard probably has slightly better odds of finishing 100 spots ahead of UCSB than finishing behind UCSB, so feel free to spot a healthy number of ranking spots...

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Re: Harvard Basketball Culture/Expectations
04-30-19 10:39 PM - Post#284042    
    In response to mrjames

Mr. James has spoken. That is a BOLD prediction based on facts and circumstances IMO. As it relates of course to the KP prognostication differential between UCSB/Harvard. That is what makes this board fun.

Thank you.

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Re: Harvard Basketball Culture/Expectations
05-01-19 07:42 AM - Post#284047    
    In response to OnlyCrimsonBlood

What makes this board fun is the number of Harvard people who think that the "mr" in mrjames means "mister"

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Re: Harvard Basketball Culture/Expectations
05-01-19 08:46 AM - Post#284050    
    In response to palestra38

  • palestra38 Said:
What makes this board fun is the number of Harvard people who think that the "mr" in mrjames means "mister"


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Re: Harvard Basketball Culture/Expectations
05-01-19 09:26 AM - Post#284051    
    In response to T.P.F.K.A.D.W.

I mean, I've got three kids now, so it makes a little more sense than it did 15 years ago in these parts. But like most things I do on this board, there is indeed less obnoxiousness in my intent than how it ultimately reads...

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05-01-19 12:02 PM - Post#284059    
    In response to mrjames

Three? Remember meeting you six years ago and you were expecting your first! You've been busy!

Harvard athletes used to be able to use a "meal plan" voucher at certain square restaurants (and this was almost always Pinnochio's).

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