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Username Post: Morris Esformes Update        (Topic#23297)
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09-12-19 08:43 AM - Post#287590    

Actually it's about his dad -- complete with picture. Tanned, rested and ready for jail!

https://apnews.com/44d4179f797f4a748b9d8 c178aec56f...
Leges sine moribus vanae

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09-12-19 09:25 AM - Post#287594    
    In response to Penn90

He deserves the maximum sentence.

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09-12-19 04:55 PM - Post#287628    
    In response to 91Quake

Verdict is in:

20 years

Stuart Suss 
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09-12-19 11:48 PM - Post#287635    
    In response to PennFan10

From the thorough Miami Herald story about the sentencing:

<<A highlight at Esformes’ trial was the testimony of a former University of Pennsylvania head basketball coach, Jerome Allen, who got to know the businessman through a fellow coach who trained his son. He testified that Esformes paid him about $300,000 in cash bribes and wire transfers to place his son, Morris, on a priority list as a “recruited basketball player” so he could be accepted to Penn and its exclusive Wharton School of Business.

Morris Esformes didn’t make the team after entering the Ivy League school in the fall of 2015, but he graduated four years later. He sat by his father’s side during Thursday’s sentencing.

Allen, who was fired in March 2015 after a string of losing seasons before Esformes’ son started at Penn, pleaded guilty to a bribery-related money-laundering charge. He was given a probationary sentence and paid a $202,000 fine and a forfeiture judgment of $18,000.>>

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09-13-19 08:57 AM - Post#287636    
    In response to Stuart Suss


- Esformes, who once controlled a network of more than two dozen health care facilities that stretched from Chicago to Miami, garnered $1.3 billion Medicaid revenues by bribing medical professionals who referred patients to his Florida facilities then paid off government regulators as vulnerable residents were injured by their peers, prosecutors said.

He housed elderly patients alongside younger adults who suffered from mental illness and drug addiction — sometimes with fatal results. In Esformes’ Oceanside Extended Care Center in Miami Beach, “an elderly patient was attacked and beaten to death by a younger mental health patient who never should have been at (a nursing facility) in the first place,” prosecutors wrote in a pre-sentencing memo. -

- But Scola meted out a punishment significantly less than the 30 years prosecutors requested, saying Esformes also had an extraordinary history of helping people in need. Attorneys for Esformes had described him as a selfless philanthropist who had donated more than $15 million to synagogues, schools and needy individuals, often anonymously.

Said Scola: “I think he should get some consideration for his philanthropy, although it’s dangerous to say because he was stealing money from Medicare, so people might say he was giving that money to charity. But the vast majority of the money he made, he made legitimately. More importantly he was a true friend to people known and unknown to him, and that is worthy of mitigation."

- “Miami is the epicenter of health care fraud, there was no one like Philip Esformes, he was king,” prosecutor Allan J. Medina told the judge in court Thursday.

Many of his younger, drug-addicted patients spent the daylight hours wandering the streets of Miami while he collected government payments for services that were never delivered, prosecutors said. -

- While preparing his defense, Esformes told the judge, he had listened repeatedly to wiretapped conversations that revealed him arranging bribes. “I am disgusted by what I heard,” he said, at one point pounding a courtroom podium with his fist. “The Phil Esformes you heard was reckless ... an arrogant man.”

Esformes said he was studying the Torah and praying for redemption. “I won’t miss that opportunity,” he said.

Prosecutors said Esformes should be forced to pay $207 million in restitution to Medicaid and Medicare; attorneys for Esformes sharply questioned that amount in court Thursday.

Judge Scola closely questioned prosecutors about how they calculated the value of the Medicaid proceeds Esformes stole over the years, ultimately finding the loss to be between $4.8 million and $8.3 million. -

https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/Florida-Bu sine...

- Defense attorney Howard Srebnick said Esformes was not motivated by greed.

"There was no need for greed. He wanted to prove that he could be successful," Srebnick said. -

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09-13-19 09:36 AM - Post#287637    
    In response to rbg

Stu, is it safe to assume that the doctors and regulators he bribed testified against Esformes in exchange for immunity? Or have any of these recipients also been prosecuted?

Stuart Suss 
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09-13-19 10:41 AM - Post#287643    
    In response to T.P.F.K.A.D.W.

I do not know for certain what happened with each specific witness against Esformes. As a general principle, a witness given immunity is less credible in the eyes of a jury than a witness who has pleaded guilty to one or more crimes.

Jerome Allen was required to plead guilty before he testified against Philip Esformes. If you go back and read Miami Herald articles written during the trial, you will probably find that other participants in the criminal schemes, such as the Delgado brothers, will have pleaded guilty prior to their testimony.

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09-13-19 01:17 PM - Post#287652    
    In response to Stuart Suss

I should have written "pleaded to lesser charge" rather than "immunity."

Again, I assume at least some of those he bribed (in addition to Allen) testified against him in exchange for plea deals.

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Morris Esformes Update
09-16-19 12:07 PM - Post#287672    
    In response to T.P.F.K.A.D.W.

Article from this morning's Philadelphia Inquirer re sentencing of Esformes

https://www.inquirer.com/wires/ap/florida-busi ness...

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