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Username Post: 23/24 Women’s Awards        (Topic#27907)
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02-28-24 07:43 AM - Post#364064    

They’ll be announced in about two weeks. My picks:

First Team:
Hsu (POY)
Mitchell (DPOY)
K Henderson

Second Team:
St Rose

Belker (ROY)

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Re: 23/24 Women’s Awards
02-28-24 08:41 AM - Post#364065    
    In response to PeteD

Agree with everything except there's no way Gayle doesn't win ROY.

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02-28-24 09:59 AM - Post#364070    
    In response to CM

Belker is a key contributor on a team arguably better than last years title winner. Gayle is very good, a definite All-Ivy player in her career.

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02-28-24 09:59 AM - Post#364071    
    In response to CM

POY: Hsu (Columbia)
DPOY: Mitchell (Princeton)
ROY: Gayle (Penn)
COY: Griffith (Columbia)

The top 3 (Hsu, Chen, Turner) seem like a lock for the 1st team. After that, there are a number of players who could be considered for the last two spot.

There are also more than 5 players who arguably be included in the 2nd team.

The league's HM list tends to be rather short, even though there are a large number of deserving players.

1st team
Hsu (Columbia)
Chen (Princeton)
Turner (Harvard)
Clark (Yale)
Mitchell (Princeton)

2nd Team
Jones (Brown)
Henderson (Columbia)
St. Rose (Princeton)
Mullaney (Harvard)
Obi (Penn)

Collins (Columbia)
Almqvist or Gayle (Penn)

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02-28-24 11:05 AM - Post#364077    
    In response to rbg

COY should go to winner of ILT

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02-28-24 11:08 AM - Post#364078    
    In response to ToothlessTiger

I agree in principle, but think it
is decided before that.

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02-28-24 11:44 AM - Post#364082    
    In response to ToothlessTiger

To be clear, I love how Belker plays, I think long term she is going to be a great Tiger.

But Gayle is top-10 in the league in scoring and has won Ivy Rookie of the Week 7 times. She's also 2nd in the league in turnovers, but doubt that will be held against her.

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02-28-24 09:09 PM - Post#364121    
    In response to CM

Two names seem like they should gain more consideration - Brenna McDonald at Yale and Clare Meyer at Dartmouth and perhaps Cecelia Collins at Columbia could be 1st team and Stina Almqvist could be 2nd Team.

Typically PPG in Ivy Games correlates highly with All Ivy Honors:

Top 15 players by PPG

Abbey Hsu Columbia 19.5
Harmoni Turner Harvard 17.8
Grace Arnolie Brown 16.2
Kyla Jones Brown 16
Cecelia Collins Columbia 15.5
Kaitlyn Chen Princeton 15.4
Jordan Obi Penn 14.5
Stina Almqvist Penn 14.5
Mataya Gayle Penn 13.9
Katie Krupa Harvard 13.8
Brenna McDonald Yale 12.8
Jenna Clark Yale 12.5
Madison St. Rose Princeton 12.5
Lola Mullaney Harvard 11.9
Clare Meyer Dartmouth 10.2

Through the PER lens for those who also play 20+ min a game there are some different names to consider and a different order to consider

Cecelia Collins Columbia 30.2 27.9
Abbey Hsu Columbia 28.8 33.6
Kaitlyn Chen Princeton 28.8 32.9
Chet Nweke Princeton 28.4 23.8
Harmoni Turner Harvard 27.1 33.2
Ellie Mitchell Princeton 23.6 28.3
Katie Krupa Harvard 23.5 29.5
Brenna McDonald Yale 23 32.8
Kitty Henderson Columbia 22.2 30.8
Stina Almqvist Penn 20.6 33.7
Elena Rodriguez Harvard 20.4 25.1
Jordan Obi Penn 20.2 34.8
Madison St. Rose Princeton 19.7 30.4
Kyla Jones Brown 19.3 35.4
Skye Belker Princeton 19.2 25.4

Player who are at least 10 PPG – 5 Rebounds PG

Abbey Hsu Columbia 19.5 6.7
Harmoni Turner Harvard 17.8 6.1
Kyla Jones Brown 16 5.5
Jordan Obi Penn 14.5 8.6
Stina Almqvist Penn 14.5 6.9
Brenna McDonald Yale 12.8 6.4
Clare Meyer Dartmouth 10.2 6
Kitty Henderson Columbia 10 6

The top 10 rebounders

Ellie Mitchell Princeton 9.3
Jordan Obi Penn 8.6
Elena Rodriguez Harvard 7.1
Stina Almqvist Penn 6.9
Abbey Hsu Columbia 6.7
Nyla McGill Yale 6.7
Brenna McDonald Yale 6.4
Doreen Ariik Dartmouth 6.2
Harmoni Turner Harvard 6.1
Kitty Henderson Columbia 6

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03-12-24 04:06 PM - Post#365060    
    In response to JDP

Ivy League announced post-season awards

https://ivyleague.com/news/2024/3/12/womens -basket...

POY: Abbey Hsu (Columbia)
DPOY: Ellie Mitchell (Princeton)
ROY: Mataya Gayle (Penn)
COY: Megan Griffith (Columbia)

1st Team
* Abbey Hsu (Columbia)
* Kaitlyn Chen (Princeton)
Kyla Jones (Brown)
Harmoni Turner (Harvard)
Jordan Obi (Penn)

2nd Team
Cecilia Collins (Columbia)
Kitty Henderson (Columbia)
Stina Almqvist (Penn)
Ellie Mitchell (Princeton)
Madison St. Rose (Princeton)

Honorable Mention
Grace Arnolie (Brown)
Katie Krupa (Harvard)
Lola Mullaney (Harvard)
Jenna Clark (Yale)

* Unanimous

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03-12-24 04:28 PM - Post#365063    
    In response to rbg

Absolutely stunning that the Ivy coaches did not name Ellie Mitchell to the First Team. An absolute game-changing force, every team has had to reckon with the impact Ellie has had on the
league for the past three years.

Hsu as POY was expected and deserved, she has been incredible. If Chen had a better game or hit the game winner in Levien, that may have changed the outcome, but she didn’t.

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03-12-24 05:13 PM - Post#365064    
    In response to Tiger81

If I were hiring a coach, I would
take Berube over Griffith every time.
They tied for the title the last two
years, and Griffith got COY both
times. Griffith is good and has
built a solid program, but Berube's
consistent excellence deserves some

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03-12-24 06:16 PM - Post#365065    
    In response to Tiger81

100% agree about Mitchell. If I were drafting a team from scratch, I’d take her over Turner, Obi, and Jones without hesitation.

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03-12-24 07:33 PM - Post#365068    
    In response to PeteD

Post season Ivy awards are highlight correlated with scoring. 14 of the 15 award winners were in the top 15 in scoring. Only the DPOY, Mitchell made a list, without being a top scorer. Mitchell is well deserving of making the list - Ellie plays so intelligently, gaining advantages for her team.

Abbey Hsu Columbia 19.4
Harmoni Turner Harvard 18.5
Kyla Jones Brown 16.9
Grace Arnolie Brown 16.9
Stina Almqvist Penn 15.2
Cecelia Collins Columbia 15.1
Kaitlyn Chen Princeton 15.0
Jordan Obi Penn 14.3
Jenna Clark Yale 13.9
Madison St. Rose Princeton 13.1
Katie Krupa Harvard 12.9
Mataya Gayle Penn 12.9
Brenna McDonald Yale 12.7
Lola Mullaney Harvard 11.9
Kitty Henderson Columbia 10.9

Rebounders are not rewarded - only 7 of the to 15 has a post season honor

Ellie Mitchell Princeton 8.9
Jordan Obi Penn 8.4
Nyla McGill Yale 7.8
Brenna McDonald Yale 7.4
Abbey Hsu Columbia 7.1
Stina Almqvist Penn 6.8
Harmoni Turner Harvard 6.6
Emily Pape Cornell 6.2
Doreen Ariik Dartmouth 6.2
Elena Rodriguez Harvard 6.1
Kitty Henderson Columbia 6.1
Ada Anamekwe Brown 5.6
Kyla Jones Brown 5.4
Chet Nweke Princeton 5.4
Clare Meyer Dartmouth 5.4

I feel Brenna McDonald should have at least been HM. This is the list of ever player that had 5 Rebounds Per Game and scored 10 Points Per Game

Jordan Obi Penn 8.4 14.3
Brenna McDonald Yale 7.4 12.7
Abbey Hsu Columbia 7.1 19.4
Stina Almqvist Penn 6.8 15.2
Harmoni Turner Harvard 6.6 18.5
Kitty Henderson Columbia 6.1 10.9
Kyla Jones Brown 5.4 16.9
Clare Meyer Dartmouth 5.4 10.1

Even PER is not that accurate - top 30 players

Cecelia Collins Columbia 30.9
Harmoni Turner Harvard 29.8
Kaitlyn Chen Princeton 29.7
Abbey Hsu Columbia 29.1
Chet Nweke Princeton 25.8
Stina Almqvist Penn 23.5
Kitty Henderson Columbia 22.8
Brenna McDonald Yale 22.7
Riley Weiss Columbia 22.2
Ellie Mitchell Princeton 21.9
Jordan Obi Penn 21.8
Katie Krupa Harvard 21.6
Perri Page Columbia 21.4
Grace Arnolie Brown 20.3
Kyla Jones Brown 20.1
Madison St. Rose Princeton 19.2
Ashley Chea Princeton 19.0
Elena Rodriguez Harvard 18.6
Nyla McGill Yale 18.4
Mackenzie Egger Yale 18.2
Skye Belker Princeton 17.8
Susie Rafiu Columbia 17.4
Mataya Gayle Penn 16.3
Abigail Wright Harvard 15.9
Jenna Clark Yale 15.2
Olivia Young Brown 15.1
Ada Anamekwe Brown 14.9
Nicole Stephens Columbia 14.1
Lola Mullaney Harvard 13.8
Emily Pape Cornell 13.5

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03-12-24 08:33 PM - Post#365072    
    In response to JDP

The problem with McDonald (and Meyer) imo is that they put up good numbers on poor/mediocre teams. I can think of several players more deserving than McDonald.

Regarding Griffith over Berube, many didn’t think Columbia had a prayer at a 13-1 record after losing three key players from last year’s 12-2 team.

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03-12-24 11:02 PM - Post#365075    
    In response to PeteD

I hear you on McDonald & Meyer on good numbers on non Ivy Madness teams ...

As for Griffith vs. Berube ... one could debate all Friday evening. I believe Columbia being 13-1 is a shade more unexpected than Princeton being 13-1, so I would go with Griffith in Ivy Play. Berube for overall record vs. harder out of conference competition.

Coaches who don't make Ivy Madness don't win awards. But Monique LeBlanc at Brown won 4.4 more games (including two Big East wins) than expected. More than Columba (1.6) & Princeton (2.7) combined. So an HM for Coach LeBlanc.

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03-15-24 08:09 AM - Post#365236    
    In response to rbg

Jones and Obi getting first team makes no sense. St Rose and Collins are much more deserving. Mitchell, too.

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